Today is a big day at NHD! Our staff is

Today is a big day at NHD! Our staff is processing all of the incoming Behring Teacher and HISTORY Awards! Last call for nominees! #NHD2015

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NHD Announces Two Graduate Courses for Fall 2015

By: Lynne O’Hara, Director of Programs

From September 14 to December 14, 2015, NHD teachers from around the world will be joining together in online learning communities to develop their skills and earn graduate credit.

Conducting Historical Research in the National History Day Model

Based on feedback from the teachers in our 2014 course, we have developed a course to help teachers dive into the NHD research process. To celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the Voting Rights Act, the course will use the twentieth century Civil Rights Movement as a research focus, and teachers will choose their own topic to explore and relate back to the 2016 Exploration, Encounter, Exchange in History theme. Teachers are grouped into small learning communities (about 10-12 teachers) who teach similar students and have the opportunities to network, share ideas, and work through various strategies to find historical sources and strategies to help students analyze these documents.

Introduction to Project-Based Learning Using the National History Day Curriculum Framework

Back by popular demand, this course takes teachers and librarians through the NHD process, from choosing a topic to evaluating final products. This course is designed for new and newer NHD (middle and high school) teachers who are seeking ways to engage their students in the process. Teachers are grouped into small learning communities (about 10-12 teachers) who teach similar students. A veteran NHD teacher serves as a mentor to each section and teachers develop and refine the materials that they need to implement this framework in their classroom the very next day.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity.  If you gave questions, email them to  If you want to learn more or register, go to

Registration for both courses ends on Friday, August 14, 2015.

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100 Leaders in World History Has World Class Engagement Partners!

National History Day (NHD) is happy to announce the Engagement Partners for the 100 Leaders in World History project, sponsored by Kenneth E. Behring. The 100 Leaders in World History project is an interactive, online educational experience designed to encourage people to consider how leadership has shaped history, what makes a leader good or bad, and what types of leaders we need today. Engagement Partners support this project and the public education opportunities it offers.

Please join us in thanking the following organizations for their support as Engagement Partners for the 100 Leaders in World History project, and be sure to check out their resources:

Please follow our Engagement Partners on Facebook and Twitter.

REMINDER: Voting for 100 Leaders in World History is open to the public, and we encourage everyone to visit the website and rank the selected 100 significant leaders in world history on how well they motivated others, articulated a vision, made effective decisions, confronted tough issues, and impacted history.

Voting runs through February 11, 2015.

Vote Now:

 Thank you to Kenneth E. Behring for sponsoring the 100 Leaders in World History project.

Engagement Partners

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Announcing the Normandy Class of 2015!

For the last five years, National History Day (NHD) has carefully selected 15 teachers and their students from a pool of applicants to travel to the Normandy region of France as part of the Normandy: Sacrifice for Freedom Albert H. Small Student and Teacher Institute. This institute is an in-depth study of World War II and the Normandy invasion. This journey is unlike any other, because students select a single service member from their town, county, or state who died during the Normandy campaign and are tasked with researching their heroes’ lives and the sacrifices they personally made for our freedoms. This personalized experience takes students from the early lives of WWII heroes to their last days. The research process introduces students and their teachers to the individuals who bravely fought to guarantee future generations the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The Normandy: Sacrifice for Freedom Albert H. Small Student and Teacher Institute culminates in a day of remembrance at the American World War II Cemetery in France, where students read eulogies to the heroes they have come to know through their research. Upon their return, students and teachers use the information to create a website in honor of their hero.

This year’s class includes students from Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Guam, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Wisconsin. For additional information and a complete list of students and teachers who participated, read the press release here:

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Special Prizes for 2015!

Jim Auerbach presents Outstanding Award in Labor History in 1984.

Jim Auerbach presents Outstanding Award in Labor History in 1984.

National History Day (NHD) is happy to announce the Special Prizes for the 2015 Kenneth E. Behring National History Day Contest (National Contest)! Each year at the National Contest, many organizations generously sponsor Special Prizes that are awarded to the students whose projects best exemplify the prize criteria.

Many of these prizes are topic specific and are intended to reward student achievement beyond the category prizes at the National Contest. It is likely that your topic meets the criteria for one or more Special Prize(s). To see if your entry is eligible for a special prize, browse the complete list on the NHD website here:

Presenting students with Special Prizes at the National Contest started in 1984. That year six organizations sponsored Special Prizes for Labor History, Naval History, Political History, Women’s History, American Jewish History, and Agricultural History.

In 2015, many organizations that awarded Special Prizes at past National Contests are once again generously awarding students for their work in specific areas of interest. We commend all of our Special Prize sponsors for their ongoing support. THANK YOU!

This year we especially are excited about two new Special Prizes: The White House History prize sponsored by the White House Historical Association and the Corps of Discovery Prize sponsored by The Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation.

Listed below are the Special Prize sponsors for the 2015 National Contest:

  • The Carter G. Woodson Home National Historic Site, National Capital Parks-East
  • National Park Service
  • American Labor Studies Center
  • Naval Historical Foundation
  • The National Endowment for the Humanities
  • The Civil War Trust
  • The Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation
  • The Library of Congress
  • George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate, Museum, & Gardens
  • Society for History in the Federal Government
  • Agricultural History Society
  • Lombardo Family
  • Ancient Order of Hibernians
  • Society for American Baseball Research
  • American Bar Association
  • Marine Corps Heritage Foundation
  • National Archives and Records Administration
  • White House Historical Association
  • The Coordinating Council for Women in History
  • National World War II Museum

For more information about NHD and Special Prizes visit:

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Teens Today Still Care about World War II

Do teenagers still care about World War II?  At National History Day (NHD), we know that they do.  Check out this article from the November 28, 2014 edition of the Chicago Tribune.  This article features Aggie Przeslicke, an NHD teacher at Theodore Roosevelt High School in Chicago, IL, and the 2014 Patricia Behring Teacher of the Year National Winner.  Also featured are Linda Becker and Mike Biondo, NHD Illinois teachers.  Andrea Flores and her teacher Josh Bill, from Waukegan High School in Waukegan, IL, are alumni of the Albert H. Small Normandy:  Sacrifice for Freedom Student & Teacher Institute

Here at NHD we KNOW that students care about World War II and we are working to help remember these heroes and honor their sacrifice.  In June 2015, we will return to Normandy with 15 new teacher-student teams. Today is the last opportunity to apply for the 2015 Albert H. Small Normandy:  Sacrifice for Freedom Student & Teacher Institute, funded by Albert H. Small. 

In July 2015, NHD will return to Europe with 18 middle and high school teachers to study the experiences of America’s World War II soldiers, sailors, airmen, Coastguardsmen, and Marines across Northern Europe.  This program, Understanding Sacrifice, is funded by the American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC) and will result in the development of a new website and multi-disciplinary lesson plans to help teachers and students understand the sacrifices made by America’s armed forces.

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NEH Summer Programs for Teachers

Post courtesy of the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). 

NEH Logo MASTER_082010

NEH is happy to announce its summer programs for educators! Among the subjects offered for teachers in 2015 are:

  • Abolitionism and the Underground Railroad
  • Africa in World History
  • African-American Communities in the 20th and 21st Centuries
  • America’s Reconstruction
  • Asian Americans in New York City: Literature and Film
  • Authors in the Prado
  • Cultures and Religions of the Himalayan Region
  • Dante’s Inferno: Influence, Adaptation, and Appropriation
  • The Dutch Republic, Britain, and the European World Economy
  • Gilded Age and Progressive Era
  • Histories of the Mediterranean
  • Istanbul: Between East and West
  • The News Media and the Making of America, 1730-1865
  • Political and Constitutional Theory for Citizens
  • Pueblo Identity in the Southwest
  • Punishment, Politics, and Culture
  • The Spanish Influenza of 1918
  • Teaching American History through Song

For a complete list of projects offered in the summer of 2015, along with eligibility requirements and contact information, visit:

NEH supports tuition-free professional development programs each summer for American teachers. Participants will receive stipends to help cover travel and living expenses.


“This was quite possibly one of the most enriching educational experiences I have had since becoming an English teacher.”

“The NEH seminar was a great impetus for me to take my work in new directions.”

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