Introducing NHD’s new blog!

Welcome to National History Day’s new blog from the  Executive Director of the national office!  In addition to posting important news about history, education and NHD, I plan to share with you my experiences traveling and working with NHD teachers, students, parents, coordinators and volunteers around the globe.  I’ll  start in the next few days as I begin a journey to Indonesia and China where  international schools are implementing NHD in their classrooms.  So stay  tuned!

In the meantime, if you want to learn more about National History Day, go to and find out about a life-changing academic program.

Cathy Gorn, Executive Director, National History Day



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14 responses to “Introducing NHD’s new blog!

  1. Renee McClendon

    You continue to inspire, Cathy, looking forward to your blog! BTW, Mississippi has doubled the number of participating teachers from last year – – -as always, 2 steps forward, 1 step back, but I’ll take it! Safe travels!!

  2. mamma roz


    As your travels take you to places where you need to introduce NHD, consider asking your friends who have students who already love the NHD program to form partnerships with the newly introduced! I know my kids would be great ambassadors for the NHD program!

    • cathygorn

      I think that’s a great idea, Karen. A teacher at the British International School today asked if students from different countries work on an NHD project together. One day maybe, but in the meantime we can arrange for some great partnerships.

  3. mamma roz

    mamma roz = karen rosnick, nj nhd teacher for 10 years and participant in the philadelphia teacher’s summer institute!

  4. Kim Lenahan

    Truly Amazing! Who woulda thunk (it was 20 years ago..)?
    You Go!

  5. Sue Funk

    Wow this is exciting. Does that mean some day we will have an international history day competition? I have done nhd for 13 years now and I love seeing it getting bigger and better. I have taught 32 years and it is the best thing I have seen for students!
    Sue Funk
    Columbus, GA

  6. Greg

    With the best of a British accent, ‘Simply Smashing’!
    What a great endless train of possibilities for students there, and in the US, relative to future NHD programs.
    What is the weather and climate like, food, people, and students you have encountered thus far?

  7. Hello Cathy! Fifth year competitor here and COMPLETELY READY to take on the 2012 season! After being the first competitor from my district to attend Nationals in the 2011 season, I am definitely looking for a repeat appearance! I love HD and couldn’t think of any other competition to devote my time to. I have a blog this year — an in-depth look at the life of a serious competitor! Check it out sometime if you want! The URL is . Thank you SO SO much for giving all of us somewhere and something to belong to! — Sierra(:

  8. NHDevotee

    This is exciting! Does this mean World History topics are more encouraged now? My topic is African Nationalist movements as Revolution and the Colonial response. Individual website. Good luck everyone!

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