NHD and the White House

I serve on the board of the (non-partisan) White house Historical Assocation.  The Assocation was started by Jackie Kennedy when she renovated the White House in 1961.  Since then, the Association has offered educational programs, purchased artifacts for the White House and contributed to preserving the building and its history.

The Assocation celebrated its 50th anniversary at the White House last Monday that included a brief ceremony at which First Lady Michelle Obama and Caroline Kennedy spoke.  I was fortunate to have about 20 seconds to meet Mrs. Obama.  Fortunately, I can speak quickly and I rattled off the very basics of NHD.  Her response was, “Well, why don’t we have the students here?”  She told me to talk with the WH social secretary about doing so in June.  NHD students certainly deserve such recognition and we will pursue the possibility.

In the meantime, for more information about the White House Historical Association and its excellent programs, got to http://www.whha.org/.



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3 responses to “NHD and the White House

  1. That would be AWESOME, Cathy! Very cool you sit on the board. We HD competitors would still do everything we do even if we got NO recognition, so hearing such prominent people care about what we do is amazing! Just another reason I keep pushing myself to make a repeat appearance at Nationals 2012(:

  2. Wow! That would be great!

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