NHD Receives Prestigious Award

I am thrilled to inform you that on Monday I will accept the National Humanities Medal for National History Day from President Obama at a White House ceremony.  This is the ultimate honor for us all.

For the first time ever, an education program is receiving the medal.  The award honors individuals (and the occassional organization) for outstanding contributions to the promotion of the humanities (the National Medal for the Arts is given at the same time).

Everyone associated with NHD over the years should pat themselves on the back for contributing to this incredible program and now to this incredible moment.  This has always been one, big Senior Group Performance by students, teachers, parents, coordinators, judges, etc.!

The ceremony will be streaming live on the White house website at 1:45 p.m. EST:  www.WhiteHouse.gov/Live.

Check back for a recap and don’t forget to check out NHD’s Facebook page and Twitter @nationalhistory.

Congratulations to everyone!




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4 responses to “NHD Receives Prestigious Award

  1. rosann johnson

    YEA!!!! What an honor! I think maybe a new pair of fancy cowboy boots would be fitting! Hope you can make it to Montana this spring. We have a great branding lined up. Work it out with Mark and he’ll let us know how many horses to bring.

    Smile pretty on Monday!
    Congrats! Rosann Johnson

  2. Yayy! Congratulations, NHD! I’ve grown so much the past five years competing in NHD and you guys TOTALLY deserve this!(:

  3. Tricia Jenden Billes

    That is sooo exciting, Cathy! You have worked so hard and you EARNED this! How many people get to meet the president? Looking forward to hearing more about it in FRANCE!!!

  4. JMOLJ

    Such an exciting & well-deserved honor!

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