Great National Contest!

I think the staff and I are finally waking up after an intense national contest last week.  It was the largest ever with 2,800 students participating.  Several changes from previous years make it even better, including moving the Awards Ceremony to the Comcast Center.  Air-conditioning!

The perennial favorite topics were there, as always, but I was quite impressed by the wide variety of topics.  Students were very creative this year in choosing their subjects and conducting their research and presentation.  All categories including more than 85 entries, most in the 90s.  The prize goes to Junior Group Exhibit with 99 entries!  Even with the popularity of the website category and exciting technology for the documentary category, Exhibits remain the most popular category in the Junior Division.

What were some of your favorites?


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One response to “Great National Contest!

  1. rjmcclendon

    Burglund HS Walkout, a documentary by students in McComb, Mississippi.

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