Recap from Day 3

Students, great work yesterday answering the promptYou are making the selection of the daily top five a difficult task for NHD staff members.  Keep it up today, and remember, you can tweet more than once a day.

You have tweeted about what veterans at home sacrifice for freedom, but what about what those abroad? Today’s prompt requires you to think about consequences from a different perspective. Ready for the challenge? Here is today’s prompt: WWII taught the world that diplomacy was a key component of warfare. What did America’s allies sacrifice? #Sacrifice4Freedom

Thank you to everyone for participating. Here are the top five from yesterday:

  • ‏@YoursFiendishly Out of necessity & demand, women started taking on traditionally masculine roles, creating a stronger sense of equality. #Sacrifice4Freedom
  • @justjanie09 @NationalHistory A nation’s bond in wartime creates a nation of citizens rather than one of blacks&whites or men&women…#Sacrifice4Freedom
  • @moon_choi Women acted with pragmatism to maintain normalcy in a world turned upside down by war–the staunchest ally of the nation.#Sacrifice4Freedom
  • @apetersen9878 @NationalHistory Because in the time of need everyone is equal to one another no matter what their gender or race is. #Sacrifice4Freedom
  • @TurkeltonIII For each bullet that was fired, the women back home built them. The supplies built helped win WWII #Sacrifice4Freedom

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