#Sacrifice4Freedom Recap and Week One Wrap-Up

Happy Friday everyone! The first week of the #Sacrifice4Freedom Contest is ending on a high note. Yesterday participating students tweeted about the sacrifices that the Allies made during World War II. There were a lot of great tweets to choose from, but the following five stood out to us:

  •  @SmithhhSara  For the greater good the allies sacrificed land, money, and priceless lives. This affected generations to come. #Sacrifice4Freedom
  • @Olizrie Great Britain sacrificed its financial well being to the war effort. By the end of WWII, the country was bankrupt. #Sacrifice4Freedom
  • ‏@SpaceManStew574 @NationalHistory Americas allies made diplomacy a large part of warfare by sacrificing troops and resources #Sacrifice4Freedom #biondhist
  • ‏@Pawabee98 @NationalHistory they sacrificed their men and the neutrality proclamation to fight against the horror that is Fascism #Sacrifice4Freedom
  • @SamGlancey  WWII reached far beyond the lines of combat. Women stepped into “men’s roles,” children were relocated across the globe. #Sacrifice4Freedom

We hope everyone will continue their participation next week leading up to the 70th Anniversary of D-Day on Friday, June 6, 2014. As you think about what to tweet next week for the contest, consider reviewing the events of World War II. Getting the events and facts and history straight will make it easier next week to write to the new prompts.

We will not post new prompts on Saturday and Sunday, so you have all weekend to submit your tweets regarding Friday’s prompt: WWII heroes fought to protect our rights. What rights are you grateful for & what is its accompanying responsibility?


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