Happy Monday: Top 5 From Friday and New Prompt for Today!

Wow, so many tweets from this weekend, and so little time to highlight only the five best! Thank you to everyone who participated in week one of the #Sacrifice4Freedom Twitter Contest sponsored by HISTORY®! We are blown away by your responses. We will be sending out new prompts every day this week from @NationalHistory at approximately 8AM ET, so keep up the good work for a chance to win $500 from HISTORY®.

Last Friday we asked you to tweet about the rights for which you are grateful and their accompanying responsibilities. Here are the top five responses:

  1. @ohai_its_eli  @NationalHistory In WWII we championed FDR’s #4Freedoms. Still have duty to protect these rights. #sacrifice4freedom pic.twitter.com/cGpIVgFfgb
  2. @DakotaStrode As put by the French philosopher François-Marie Arouet Voltaire. True words in modern day America #Sacrifice4Freedom pic.twitter.com/Ce2PQQHHHc
  3. @swquest  @NationalHistory Fortunate to have quality, free public education; must use my knowledge for better future #Sacrifice4Freedom
  4. ‏@mmmgreekyogurt  Voting is the foundation of a free nation and it is our duty to do so in order to remain a global beacon of democracy #Sacrifice4Freedom
  5. ‏@kaylieoco  I am grateful that I have both the right to participate in the government and the responsibility to preserve democracy. #Sacrifice4Freedom

Today’s prompt requires you to think about sacrifice from a new perspective: WWII was also a battle of industry. What did U.S. workers who kept troops fed, armed, & supplied sacrifice? #Sacrifice4Freedom

Students, if you missed out last week, you can still register and participate this week. Just go to http://www.nhd.org/SacrificeContest.htm, and register.

Good luck everyone and we hope to tweet you later!


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