Top Five from Monday Week 2 #Sacrifice4Freedom!

It is Tuesday and today we are taking you to sea. In case you missed it, today’s #Sacrifice4Freedom Twitter Contest prompt is:  Operation Neptune, a Navy support operation, was crucial to the D-Day invasion. Why was the Navy needed in this crisis? #Sacrifice4Freedom! Think carefully about how this operation was critical to turning the tide at Normandy and you just might make tomorrow’s top five!

With the contest halfway through, we want to encourage everyone to tweet their thanks to @HISTORY for sponsoring this contest! THANK YOU, HISTORY®!

Week two was off to a great start yesterday! It was not an easy task, but we were able to narrow it down to the following five tweets. Good luck in the days to come!

  •  @sbunn82  @NationalHistory Rationing food & fuel, Americans planted victory gardens & scrimped to buy bonds to support troops #Sacrifice4Freedom
  • ‏@Weiqian4331  Everyone pitched in: workers put in longer hours; children planted victory gardens; rationing systems were established… #Sacrifice4Freedom
  • @Sthall11Seth  @NationalHistory #Sacrifice4Freedom The U.S. workers sacrificed abundance of materials for themselves to supply their troops instead.
  • ‏@TheMrAustin  @NationalHistory They gave wage and time, but it also helped towards the civil rights movement in the following decades #sacrifice4freedom
  • ‏@swayingheads67  @NationalHistory Workers sacrificed safety in the workplace; 75000~ were fatally injured in factories, mills, and mines #sacrifice4freedom

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