Lead the way Today in the #Sacrifice4Freedom Twitter Contest

Yesterday we were out at sea, but you all rolled with the tide and came in with some of the best responses yet! Below are the posts that NHD selected as standing out from the rest:

  • ‏@astutting12  @NationalHistory The Navy protected both sides of the channel so the distant, threatening forces could not penetrate #Sacrifice4Freedom
  • ‏@BradenGebavi  The Navy swept through the channels, passed German defense, stopping in position to attack the beaches at dawn #Sacrifice4Freedom #biondhist
  • ‏@WarehamBlake The U.S. Navy was needed to scout the German defenses, provide support, be able to deploy troops nearby. #sacrifice4freedom #biondhist
  • ‏@kaylieoco  The Navy provided additional fire during the landings, and also initiated bombardment before the arrival of the infantry.#Sacrifice4Freedom
  • ‏@AlexBeanie33  The Navy was needed to bombard landing sites before troop deployment. This softened up the enemy before the troops landed #Sacrifice4Freedom

Today, we want you to lead the way! Leadership and Legacy in History is the theme for next year’s National History Day Contest, and so we want everyone to think about why good leadership is important. Today’s prompt is designed for students to not only state how important good leadership was during WWII, but why it was crucial to success. Good luck today answering the latest prompt: How important is good leadership in a time of war? #Sacrifice4Freedom!

Remember to  tweet your  thanks to @HISTORY for sponsoring the #Sacrifice4Freedom contest! THANK YOU, HISTORY®!


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