Normandy Recap: Our Second Day in France

Post by: Morgan Handley, Michaela Williamson

To begin the day, we visited St. Mere Eglise and toured a local cathedral. Kelly opened for us up with a briefing over the site and a prayer for those who died there. Hanging off the roof of the building was a monument to Sergeant John Steele, a paratrooper whose parachute was caught on the church during the battle. He was stranded there for two hours and shot in the leg. Despite being caught by the Germans, he miraculously survived. Visiting this church was definitely a highlight for the day; seeing something that survived not only a war but also time was very inspiring. After visiting the airborne museum, we traveled to La Fiere Bridge the site which inspired Saving Private Ryan. Gabrielle gave a briefing on the capture of the bridge.

After eating lunch, we visited Utah Beach and actually walked on the site of one of the amphibious landings. Margaret and Caley gave a briefing on amphibious landings and Cherbourg. Once we left Utah Beach we traveled to Point du Hoc. The weather was beautiful, and we explored the interior of the bunkers. Nick and Raven gave short briefings on bombers.

Today was really busy, but we pushed through the jet lag and really came to appreciate the smaller battles in the Normandy campaign that made the more famous ones possible.


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    I–Une Histoire à diffuser

    2–Un scandale à dénoncer

    Sommes à votre disposition pour toute information complémentaire….interview…….about to great pain of John Howard.

    Musée de Pegasus Bridge & Batterie de Merville
    BP 5
    14860 Ranville

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