Normandy Recap: The 48 Hour Day

Post by: Megan Amen, Margaret Lichtenfels

On Thursday morning we had two lectures, the first was on Operation Overlord and the Normandy Campaign and the second one covered the Home Front in WWII. After that we ate lunch and only had 45 minutes to get everything ready and on the bus to leave. We arrived at the airport at one o’clock, the security was quick but thorough. After that we found out that our flight was delayed and would depart at 6:30PM as opposed to 5:15PM. After a long flight full of fantastic films that kept some of us up most of the flight, we finally arrived in France.

The airport was very nice but confusing to navigate. Once we got our luggage, we were off. We ate a delicious lunch right next to Pegasus Bridge, after which Megan and Seyeon gave their briefings. Pegasus Bridge was the first landing site and the first place to be liberated. Then our tour guide gave our group a tour of the museum near the bridge. Finally we arrived at the hotel. For dinner we walked around the town which was so cute and quaint, and the pizza that we ate was great. For dessert, we got ice cream and saw the town’s beautiful and enormous cathedral. Then we got back to the hotel and quickly fell asleep for the night.


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    Regardless to the very great pain of John Howard

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