The Wait is Over – #Sacrifice4Freedom Twitter Winners Announced!

The longest drum rolls often end with the biggest symbol smash, and we know you have been waiting for weeks for this announcement! HISTORY® and National History Day (NHD) staff were overwhelmed by the participation and responses to the contest. It took a great deal of time to go through the amazing work submitted by everyone who participated.

Thank you to HISTORY® for sponsoring this original learning opportunity, and awarding each of the winners $500.00! The winners, and their winning tweets are:

  • @SimplyDreamingX @NationalHistory That our Veterans are more than soldiers. They’re husbands & wives, fathers & mothers, sons & daughters. #Sacrifice4Freedom
  • @MacEscalante You, just like the loved ones you lost, are also heroes for unselfishly sharing their lives for freedom and peace of all #Sacrifice4Freedom
  • @justjanie09 @NationalHistory A nation’s bond in wartime creates a nation of citizens rather than one of blacks&whites or men&women…#Sacrifice4Freedom
  • @kaylieoco I am grateful that I have both the right to participate in the government and the responsibility to preserve democracy. #Sacrifice4Freedom
  • @leahs333 I would like to thank the men who died in D-Day, fighting for their lives, and making history. #Sacrifice4Freedom#biondhist

Be sure to watch for new NHD Twitter Contests later this year.



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