Day One of Behring Teacher Ambassador Training

teachers with Kim AshYesterday NHD began training our first cohort of Behring Teacher Ambassadors.  These teachers, all past winners of the Behring Teacher of the Year Award from their respective affiliate programs applied to be trained as Behring Teacher Ambassadors.  Their training focuses on expanding their role as teacher leaders.

The day began with a opening from Lee Ann Potter, the Director of Educational Outreach at the Library of Congress, who welcomed the group with a trip down her NHD memory lane, displaying her state and national awards from her time as an NHD student.   The teachers worked collaboratively to discuss the 2015 Leadership & Legacy in History Theme and discuss the ways in which they could impact teacher leadership.

Later teachers discussed how to effectively collaborate with state coordinators with NHD’s Deputy Director, Kim Fortney and NHD in Louisiana state coordinator Nathan Huegen.

After a lunch break and tour of the Library of Congress, teachers had the opportunity to work with Stephen Wesson from the Library of Congress, Naomi Coquillion from the Smithsonian Museum of National History, Kim Ash from the Newseum, and Lynne O’Hara from NHD to discuss resources available to NHD teachers.

The day ended with teachers working on their elevator pitches and heading out to small group dinners in DC.Kim and Nathan

We’re looking forward to seeing what day two of training has to offer at the Library of Congress, as well as what happens next week’s cohort training in Denver at History Colorado!


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