Day Two of Behring Teacher Ambassador Training in D.C.


Yesterday our first cohort of Behring Teacher Ambassadors completed their training at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC.   Tuesday’s training focused on how to create effective ways to reach out to new NHD teachers and schools.

In the morning the group was joined by Grace Leatherman, the NHD in Maryland Outreach coordinator and brainstormed effective ways to work with teachers.  They worked collaboratively to identify how to approach different opportunities that NHD could present to educators for the classroom.

In the afternoon NHD Deputy Director Kim Fortney and NHD Louisiana coordinator Nathan Huegen presented effective strategies for collaborating with state coordinators, and teachers spent the remainder of the afternoon collaborating with their state coordinators and developing their Ambassador plans.

Thank you to the Library of Congress for being such fabulous hosts in Washington, DC!

Congratulations to our first cohort of Behring Teacher Ambassadors!

  • Beverly Adams – Texas
  • LaToya Bailey – Louisiana
  • Adrienne Barry – Nevada
  • Martha Bohnenberger – South Carolina
  • Matthew Elms – Singapore
  • Traci Erlandson – Tennessee
  • Jennifer Hunt – Connecticut
  • Justin Krueger – Texas
  • Janet McElfresh – North Carolina
  • Dawn McKenzie – New Mexico
  • Brent Myers – Nebraska
  • Amy Page – New Mexico
  • Kathy Paul – Iowa
  • Esther Perez-Zemmels – Louisiana
  • Nicole Roper – Pennsylvania
  • Christine Sermons – Florida
  • Christina Smart-Meigs – Ohio
  • Amy Trenkle – Washington, DC
  • Stacey Trepanier – Arizona
  • Marc Turner – South Carolina
  • Suzan Turner – Iowa

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