A Leader Motivates Others: Applying 100 Leaders in World History in the Classroom

Post by Lynne O’Hara, NHD Director of Programs

Each day this week we are posting to this blog about one of the five criteria that our selection panel used to determine the 100 Leaders. The five criteria are:

  1. Articulates a vision,
  2. Motivates others,
  3. Makes effective decisions,
  4. Willing to confront tough issues, and
  5. Impacts history.

Today we are discussing how a leader motivates others.

Motivates Others

Jefferson-LOCLeaders need to convince other people to follow them. Religious leaders like Jesus of Nazareth, St. Paul, Siddhartha Gautama, Joan of Arc, or Muhammad are known because of the people who practice their teachings today.  Some motivate others with a vision of a better world, like Rachel Carson, a more just society, such as Frederick Douglass or Desmond Tutu, or an independent nation, like Thomas Jefferson. Military leaders like Ho Chi Minh and Julius Caesar led men into battle while other leaders like Mikhail Gorbachev, the Emperor Meiji, and Otto von Bismarck convinced their citizens that change was needed.

Make sure you stop by tomorrow for an update on the next of the five criteria: makes effective decisions!


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