NoodleTools for Teacher Mentors: Six Ways to Monitor Student Projects and Provide Timely Feedback

Guest blog post by Rigele and Damon Abilock, NoodleTools, Inc. 

If your students use NoodleTools for their NHD projects, you can view and comment on student work-in-progress anytime, and from anywhere.

Here are six ways to mentor students through the NoodleTools platform:

  1. View and provide feedback directly into your student’s online notecards or bibliography, and watch how the student incorporates your suggestions.
  1. For group NHD projects, efficiently monitor each student’s individual contributions.   Understand who added what information, and when.  Also view a compiled log of every contribution to a group project over a thirty-day period.
  1. Sharing the mentorship role of an NHD project with cross-curricular colleagues or a school librarian? Add them as “additional recipients” to your assignment drop box so they can co-comment into a student’s project.
  1. Generate a visual analysis of your student’s in-process bibliography by clicking on “Analysis” on the Bibliography screen.  Use the bar charts to make helpful suggestions about the relevance and balance of sources.
  1. Want to see the source material that a student cited or included in a notecard?   Click “View archived page” on the student’s bibliography entry and view the saved source material, including any highlighting or annotation made by the student.
  1. In your assignment drop box, provide your students with links to useful resources such as a recommended reading list or relevant NHD information (e.g. the NHD Rule Book).

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