Voting Starts Now for 100 Leaders in World History!

“Our world is full of individuals who have risen to the occasions presented before them to provide guidance and direction to inspire others to follow. By uncovering the past, we find heroes and role models and are motivated to do as those who came before them — to become involved, to participate, to take a stand for what we believe in and to take action to improve our communities, country and even the world.” –

How do leaders from the past compare to one another? You get to decide over the next 100 days!

Voting for 100 Leaders in World History is now open to the public. The 100 Leaders in World History project is sponsored by Kenneth E. Behring and designed to help students and the public better understand the qualities and legacies of leaders in history.

In May 2014, National History Day (NHD) partnered with the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media at George Mason University to bring together a leading panel of historians, teachers, and students to select 100 leaders in world history who left a lasting legacy. The website was designed to feature and educate others about the selected leaders. During the 100 day voting period – now through February 11, 2014 – a new leader will be featured each day.

Students can help others pick the person for whom they should vote. As part of the voting process and experience, NHD is challenging middle and high school students to create inspiring campaign posters that encourage others to vote for the leader they think should be at the top of the list.


  • Interested students may create an original poster, Instagram a photo of the poster, and submit the photo to NHD on Twitter (@NationalHistory) #NHD100Leaders.
  • Students must Instagram a photo of the poster, and tweet it to NHD before the February 2, 2015 deadline.
  • Poster content must be original and appropriate for all audiences.
  • Each poster must include somewhere in the content.

Teachers should consider encouraging classes and classmates to challenge and campaign against one another for different leaders.

Selected posters will be featured throughout the 100 Leaders in World History project both on the website and included in NHD teacher and student resources. For ideas and examples of campaign posters visit:


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