Teens Today Still Care about World War II

Do teenagers still care about World War II?  At National History Day (NHD), we know that they do.  Check out this article from the November 28, 2014 edition of the Chicago Tribune.  This article features Aggie Przeslicke, an NHD teacher at Theodore Roosevelt High School in Chicago, IL, and the 2014 Patricia Behring Teacher of the Year National Winner.  Also featured are Linda Becker and Mike Biondo, NHD Illinois teachers.  Andrea Flores and her teacher Josh Bill, from Waukegan High School in Waukegan, IL, are alumni of the Albert H. Small Normandy:  Sacrifice for Freedom Student & Teacher Institute

Here at NHD we KNOW that students care about World War II and we are working to help remember these heroes and honor their sacrifice.  In June 2015, we will return to Normandy with 15 new teacher-student teams. Today is the last opportunity to apply for the 2015 Albert H. Small Normandy:  Sacrifice for Freedom Student & Teacher Institute, funded by Albert H. Small. 

In July 2015, NHD will return to Europe with 18 middle and high school teachers to study the experiences of America’s World War II soldiers, sailors, airmen, Coastguardsmen, and Marines across Northern Europe.  This program, Understanding Sacrifice, is funded by the American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC) and will result in the development of a new website and multi-disciplinary lesson plans to help teachers and students understand the sacrifices made by America’s armed forces.


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