Normandy Institute: Sacrifice for Freedom – Day 1 – Saturday, June 20

Day 1 ‐ Opening Dinner

Nicole Cordes, Lawrence North High School, Indiana

The day started with everyone moving into our dorms. After six months of preparation we finally got to put faces to the names we had seen on the computer. After getting settled, we all got dressed up nicely and travelled through D.C.

We walked for a couple blocks and took group pictures at the White House (it was our first group photo). Day 1Then, at the White House Visitors Center, we went through security to enter an amazing space. The ceiling was beautiful and the room was just a mini museum of the history of the White House.

After our look around, we watched a video about the White House and presidency. We then proceeded to the other side of the building where a very nice dinner table had been set up. We enjoyed a lovely dinner with Mr. Albert H. Small (the man who funds this program). Then we were treated to a talk by a survivor of D‐Day!

When the night was over, we all got on the bus and headed back to the University of Maryland. Overall, the first night was a great kick off to this amazing, life changing adventure.


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