Normandy Institute: Sacrifice for Freedom – Day 2b – Sunday, June 21

Day 2b – Arlington Cemetery
Lazaro Quinata, Father Duenas Memorial School, Guam

After listening to two great lectures in the morning, the group departed for the Arlington National Cemetery. I remembered pulling up into the cemetery and just being totally overwhelmed at the sheer number of graves, and then being even more in awe when I realized that each and everyone one of them fought and bled for our country. Throughout the course of the afternoon we visited a number of graves and were able to learn a little bit about the person buried there. We even witnessed the solemn Changing of the Guard ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

The highlight of this experience was when Mr. Hipkins (one of the lead teachers on the trip) delivered his eulogy for one of the deceased in the cemetery. He talked about his accomplishments and his contributions to the U.S. military. The part that just blew me away was when he went on to say that this man buried here would go on to have a granddaughter who would eventually become Mr. Hipkins’ wife. I thought that his eulogy was just beautiful.

Day 2b

I must say that this particular event truly exceeded any expectations that I had. I expected a boring day of viewing tombstones, but was instead met with an absolutely riveting experience. I was able to take with me a quote from one of the deceased present there. This one quote was something that I remembered because it directly links to all of our Silent Heroes:

“You can kill the man, but you can’t kill the idea”
-Medgar Evers


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