Normandy Institute: Sacrifice for Freedom – Day 7 – Friday, June 26

Day 7 – Departing to France
Vanessa Taylor, Ainsworth Community School, Nebraska

On Friday afternoon we departed for the Washington Dulles International Airport! We were more than ready to depart D.C. and head to France. We arrived at the airport around 2:00 PM and were excited to get the flight under way.  After checking our bags and making our way through the extensive and thorough security checkpoint, we arrived at our gate. For many of us, this was our first overseas flight and we were very enthusiastic about travelling to a foreign country.

After stocking up on snacks and drinks, we boarded the plane at 4:15 PM. Many of us slept on the plane but for those that didn’t, an extensive selection of movies was available! It took almost eight hours of flying time to finally land in the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, France. By that time we were all ready to depart the plane. I couldn’t believe that I was finally in France! All of our hard work had finally paid off and we were ready to discover and explore what we had been reading about for so many months.

Day 7


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