Normandy Institute: Sacrifice for Freedom – Day 8 – Saturday, June 27

Day 8 – The Cemetery
Dawson Podlena, Seaman High School, Kansas

After a long plane ride, the first place we went to was a British war cemetery. It wasn’t that large and we did not spend that much time there, but the reality of war really started to hit me at this cemetery. It was just a small portion of the losses from the Normandy invasion, but yet there were so many graves. Also, at the bottom of most graves was either a poem, saying, or quote from the family of that soldier. One poem that interested me stated,

“Went the day well?

He died and never knew

But well or ill

Freedom he died for you.”

Another great experience from Saturday was the trip to Utah Beach. This was truly our first taste of the battle of Normandy. Just looking at the vast amount of beach that the Americans had to conquer was just extraordinary.  After the visit on the beach we went to a Utah Beach museum and there were so many artifacts and stories. It was a great first day in France and even though we were all tired, I think everybody would agree that exploring was better than sleeping.

Day 8


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  1. I think it was fitting that our first stop was a cemetery. It really helped us to remember that thousands of men sacrificed their lives for freedom. This first stop really set the tone for the entire trip.

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