Normandy Institute: Sacrifice for Freedom – Day 10b – Monday, June 29

Day 10b – Angoville Au Plain Church
Lily Delao, Mendota Township High School, Illinois

There were many highlights on our trip to France and our stay in D.C. What stood out to me the most was when we visited the Angoville au Plain Church and how two individual medics served as heroes during the D-Day invasion. I was assigned to research this topic and I really found it interesting.


To give a background, the Angoville au Plain Church was a small old church that many injured American and German soldiers were taken to when hurt in combat. Ken Moore and Bob Wright were recognized for their bravery when they treated the soldiers. They would lay the wounded soldiers down on the benches of the church. Up until this day, you can faintly see blood stains on the benches. German soldiers occupied the church when the Allies moved forward. There are stained glass windows in the church honoring the medics.


As we were arriving to the church, I felt a wave of emotions. I was happy to see the church I did some research on! I also was excited to share and talk about the medics who had a connection to the church. I had seen pictures of the church online, but seeing it up close and being able to walk inside was thrilling. I also felt sadness. I remember sitting down on the benches and was reminiscing on how crazy it was to be sitting here. Sitting on the benches were wounded soldiers were. I could only imagine the feelings and thoughts going through their mind at that time- I felt like I connected with this site the most.

Day 10b


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