Thursday, July 16 – Cambridge American Cemetery

Thursday, July 16 – Cambridge American Cemetery


Understanding Sacrifice: An ABMC Education Project. 

Gayla Hammer

Lander Middle School

Lander, Wyoming

“Do you have your passport?” These words began the day as the group loaded the bus for Cambridge American Cemetery at 9:00 a.m.

Arriving at the Cambridge American Cemetery after a short bus ride, the Understanding Sacrifice teachers were met by Arthur Brookes, a cemetery associate at Cambridge American Cemetery. He shared a new tour, which he developed for the center along with introducing the group to staff members who continue to be an integral part of running the cemetery.

CambridgeCemeteryIMG_8681 (1)Amanda was the first teacher to share the story of her Fallen Hero. Homer McClure from Oklahoma wanted to serve in the military during World War II. Amanda’s intense research led to an interesting connection between Homer and his son; both men graduated with the same degree. She was able to locate information the family had not known about Homer.

1st Lt. Gale B. McGowan was a co-pilot from Wyoming whose plane was ditched in the English Channel on December 27, 1944. I told the story of the day he was on the plane with the Malone Wallace crew and the role he played in saving the lives of three other crew members.

The final Fallen Hero to be remembered at Cambridge American Cemetery was Edwin Frazier. Joe Boyle shared the story of Edwin’s willingness to serve his county, which resulted in not graduating from high school. Joe’s diligence made it possible for Edwin’s family to receive his high school diploma this past year.

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