Understanding Sacrifice, Saturday


Understanding Sacrifice: An ABMC Education Project.

Katherine Lorio

Westfield High School

Chantilly, Virginia

After visiting hedgerows in the morning, we spent the afternoon at the Normandy American Cemetery where many World War II soldiers now rest. We honored six fallen heroes with eulogies while there. The cemetery is serene and solemn with views overlooking Omaha Beach.

Nor American Cemetery

Normandy American Cemetery

On the way home to our hotel we stopped at the Commonwealth Cemetery in Bayeux, the first town in France liberated after the D-Day landings. This cemetery was quite different from the American Cemetery we had just visited. Some headstones had personalized inscriptions, others had flowers planted in the ground near them. From this cemetery one could view the Notre Dame Cathedral de Bayeux, a site many of us visited after dinner.

Notre Dame Bayeux

Notre Dame de Bayeux

The beautiful cathedral was built over four decades and has an impressive architecture. One of the most exciting aspects of the cathedral is the Bayeux Tapestry.

Applications are currently being accepted for World War II in the Mediterranean. Click here for more information and an application. The application deadline is midnight on Friday, September 4, 2015.


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